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Award presentation at IFHE Congress 2016
Invitation to enter the international building award contest of the NVTG Building Award 2016
The NVTG board is delighted to invite you to enter the 2016 International NVTG Building Award Contest. The award will be presented at the IFHE Congress which will be held in the Netherlands in 2016. The 2016 International NVTG Building Award focuses on healthcare related buildings that offer a healing environment for all users, taking into account local circumstances.

The NVTG Building Award is a prestigious Dutch building award that has been presented five times since 1997. Previous winners of the NVTG Building Award are all state of the art facilities for Dutch healthcare institutions and in the context of the IFHE Congress the 2016 award is to have an international character. The NVTG cordially invites all parties that have recently realised, or been involved in, a building project in healthcare, to compete for the International NVTG Building Award 2016.
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Only projects that have been completed in or after 2011 will be considered for the award, and the projects must be in use when they are entered for the Contest. All healthcare sectors can enter a project. The NTVG Building Award focuses on new builds as well as renovation or remodelling projects.

Healing environment
To the NVTG, a healing environment is an environment that advances the physical, mental and social wellbeing of all users wherever possible.

Physical wellbeing
For an environment to contribute to the physical wellbeing of its users, great attention must be paid to the following aspects:

A building's accessibility is defined by the extent to which it allows people to use it in the way it was intended to be used.

All aspects of a building that influence the physical health of its users: light, air, acoustics, hygiene and climate.

Buildings have to enable patients/clients to live and act independently as much as possible.

Functionality for everyday activities
When designing a building for health care, extra attention must be paid to the tasks and activities its inhabitants will perform in their everyday lives, either independently or with help.

Mental wellbeing
In vulnerable situations, for instance during hospitalisation, people are more sensitive to their environment. This must be reflected in the design of the physical environment.

Social wellbeing
A building must on the one hand offer its inhabitants and users sufficient privacy, and on the other hand it must offer them the opportunity and encourage them to interact socially.
You can enter the 2016 International NVTG Building Award Contest by registering on the IFHE 2016 congres website:

All projects must be entered on the website before 1 November 2015. If you are planning to enter, please inform us by preregistering.

For more information on the International NVTG Building Award, please check our website: www.ifhe2016.info
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