IFHE Europe launch a second call for studies.

Gepubliceerd op 14 februari 2018
IFHE Europe launch a second call for studies.

Following the 2017 call for studies, IFHE EU Executive Committee decided to launch a second call for studies.
For information, two recipients, SIAIS from Italy with a study on "Sustainable and Climate Resilient Healthcare Facilities – the Challenge » and Zorg.Tech from Belgium with a study on « Rational water use in healthcare facilities » were selected by the IFHE EU jury following the 2017 call for studies.
Studies are currently being developped and we expect we will be able to make them soon available by all our IFHE EU associations members.

The goal of these studies is to encourage the collaboration within all members of IFHE-EU and to allow IFHE EU to be a reference center on hospital engineering topics to be able to share information on good practices throughout Europe.

As for the first call for studies, a fund of 5 000 € is purposed to help one or two recipients to finance part of these studies.
Submissions will be sent through IFHE EU member associations to the IFHE EU secretary. The proposed topic will be developped on a text A4 format. It will describe the goal and the details of the proposed study and show how it can fulfill the objective to be of interest for all European associations members. Deadline for submission of proposals is on June 30th 2018 through IFHE EU secretary : paulmerlevede@hotmail.com.

Selection of the proposals by IFHE EU jury will be completed in October 2018.

Names, functions and contacts details of the main authors who should be members of an IFHE EU engineering association, will be given with a projected schedule of the study with indication of the projected date of the final report delivery.

EXCO will select the most common or collectively beneficial proposal (one or two proposals) and IFHE EU is prepared to fund the study costs up to a limit of 5000 Euro. IFHE EU is prepared to transfer the money to the local secretariat in order to pay the external costs of performing the study based on the presentation of an invoice. A 50% payment is possible after presentation by the authors of first step execution study and an estimate.

Final reports of selected studies will be made available to all members by publication on the
IFHE EU website.