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The International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) is a non-profit, non-governmental body established in 1970 to enable national engineering professional organizations to join in a world-wide federation.

The purpose of IFHE is to encourage and facilitate exchange of information and experience in the broad field of hospital and healthcare facility design, construction, engineering, commissioning, maintenance, and estate management.
Membership of IFHE has spread to over thirty countries - embracing some ten thousand persons. In addition to national healthcare engineering organizations, IFHE also admits as members: governmental institutions, corporate consultants, commercial and industrial firms, as well as individuals or small groups of interested persons.
IFHE is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, as a Non-governmental Organization in Official Relations with the WHO.


IFHE Digest 2019 - Editorial Submissions

I am writing to let you know that if any of your members wish to submit an article for inclusion in the 2019 IFHE Digest, we have extended the deadline for submitting a synopsis of the content to Friday 22 June. Synopses should be sent to me and will then be considered by the IFHE board.

Each synopsis should be about 200 words long and written in English.

Once your synopsis has been approved, the final article must be submitted by Friday 10 August. For further information please go to www.ifhe.info or email me direct.

I look forward to receiving your synopses.

IFHE Congress 2018

Date: 6-11 October 2018
Location: Brisbane, Australia

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Australia (IHEA) are pleased to invite you to the 25th Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) to be held on 6-11 October 2018 at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia.

The congress theme is ďHealthcare Engineering Ė Building on Sustainable FoundationsĒ.
This is a congress relevant to all health facility professionals from all components of the healthcare industry. We anticipate an attendance between 400 and 600 delegates coming from all over the world including Europe, UK, Latin America, USA, Canada, South Africa and Asia. We also anticipate attracting a large number of delegates from our local region, Asia Pacific and New Zealand.
We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane, Australia in October 2018.

Brett Petherbridge
2018 Congress Convenor

Click here for more information about the congress.

Mailing "Applications now open for the IFHE International Building Award"
Mailing "Register now to secure early-bird registration rates for IFHE 2018!"
Mailing "2 Weeks Remain to Apply for the IFHE International Building Award!"
Mailing "2 weeks remain to secure early-bird registration rates for IFHE Congress 2018!"
Mailing "Early-bird registration extended to 14 August for IFHE Congress 2018!"
Mailing "Less than 2 weeks remaining to secure earlybird rates for IFHE Congress 2018!"

Dear IFHE Council Representatives,

We are excited to announce that registration is open for IFHE Congress 2018 to be held in Brisbane in October.

A separate registration form has been created for approved Council Representatives in order to receive discounted registration rates for the congress.

Please click here to register. Registration via this link is available only to the two (2) approved IFHE Council representatives from each member organisation.

Please do not use the registration form that is located on the congress website as this is for full fee-paying delegates only.

For further information on the congress, please visit the website - www.ifhe2018.com